Tara Holley

Tara Holley has radio in her soul. Her first on-air performance was at the age of three on a jingle in Temple, Texas.  From then on, despite a journey that has lead her through Theatre, TV, Media Research and more, Radio has always been her first professional love.  She also enjoys the arts in all its various forms, writing, reading, and conversation with family and friends.  Although she grew up in Tyler, she’s lived in small towns and big cities across Texas from Austin and Dallas to Bastrop and Abilene, where she received a BA in Theatre from McMurry University.  Her journey has lead her back home to East Texas where she is honored to spend her weekdays on Sunny 106.5 from 3-7 PM. Tara and her husband, Don, live in Tyler with their two cats, Ted and Juniper.

The A-Z’s of Tara

Available: For friendship and laughter over coffee.

Best Concert: Anything in a more intimate venue.

Current clothing: Gray velvet pants and a red v-neck… you? 🙂

Dirty little secret: I probably need to sweep my floor right now.

Eat at the most: Home—I like to play with food and then serve it for dinner.

Favorite Band: So. Many. Faves. Although for me, it’s more the “sound” than a particular band. I also really love soundtracks, because they tend to have a mood theme that is achieved by a variety of artists.

Gummy bears or worms: BEARS! I don’t want to eat worms of any kind…gummy or not.

Hometown: Well, I’ve lived in East Texas longer than anywhere else, so Tyler.

If I weren’t in radio: Writer in some  capacity.

Junk Food: Ben & Jerry’s? That’s not really junk, but it’s definitely a “treat” food.

Killer Radio Moment: Hanging with Casey Kasem in L.A. in 2004.

Listen to me: From 3-7 M-F on Sunny 106.5! 😉

Music to chill to: Sunny music, Enya, celtic, classical, soundtracks and movie scores.

Number of Siblings: 1

One wish: To be able to spend one day in every culture throughout history (while having the option to remain invisible.)

Person you’d love to meet: C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Anthony Hopkins—another long list.

Quantum Physics: Very, very fascinating. Can’t wait to see where the research goes.

Reason to Smile: Because there is always something to be thankful for.

Start in radio: 3 years old, on a commercial.

Time you wake up: 7:15 or so

Underrated band: Oasis, Jet, early Bee Gees, The Hollies

Vacation: Pacific Northwest, Europe, anywhere with LOW humidity, please. LOL!

Website you rely on:,, Pinterest… many.

X-rays you’ve had: Really? Um.. teeth and neck.

Your fave food: Enchiladas, ravioli, baklava, almond croissants.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn